Terms & Conditions- DAMconf 2018 Contest

Win tickets to the digital future

About this contest

This contest is being run and organized by ClickAttack, who we’ll refer to as ‘us’, ‘we’ and ‘our’ in these terms and conditions.

Everyone with an active LinkedIn profile can participate in the contest, on the condition that they are not in any way connected to ClickAttack, whether they are an employee of ClickAttack, or a family relative of a ClickAttack employee.

The entire contest will run from 16th of July, 2018 until 12th of November, 2018 (Central European Time).

The official time-keeping device for this contest is the computer owned by the organizer, ClickAttack.

The contest will have 10 rounds.

Contest participation Winner announcement
Round 1 July 16 – July 22 July 25
Round 2 July 30 – August 5 August 8
Round 3 August 13 – August 19 August 22
Round 4 August 27 – September 2 September 5
Round 5 September 10 – September 16 September 19
Round 6 September 24 – September 30 October 3
Round 7 October 8 – October 14 October 17
Round 8 October 22 – October 28 October 31
Round 9 November 5 – November 11 November 12
Round 10 – Quick-fire round November 13 November 13


No purchase necessary

This contest does not require any type of purchase from participants in order to win the prize.

The prize

By participating in this contest, you have a chance to win tickets for attending DAMconf 2018 in full. The DAMconf tickets refer only to talks and panels, but do not include DAMconf workshops. In total, we will give out 20 tickets.

How to enter

In order to enter our contest, you will need to answer a question posted with the hashtag #damconfcontest on our LinkedIn profile. Additionally, you might be asked to tag a connection in your reply.

You are not allowed to enter the contest using any type of bots or services which automatically enter participants. We reserve the right to reject and disqualify any entry which violates these terms, including those entries which we believe contain infringing content, or are not deemed appropriate for viewing by the general public.

How the winners are chosen

In the case where you will have to write a creative answer to our question, we will decide the winner based on the answer we like the most.

In the case where you will need to provide an accurate and correct answer to our question, the first correct answer wins.

We will give away two tickets in every round (see list of rounds with dates under “About this contest”). The first week in which you may enter the contest is the one starting with the July 16.

We will announce the winners of every round on our Linkedin profile. (See list of rounds with dates under “About this contest”.)

If you win, we will ask you to provide your full name and surname, so we can register you when you arrive to DAMconf.

Read more about our Privacy Policy.

What you’re agreeing to

We will not be asking for or using your information in any way, other than registering the names and surnames of winners, and publicly announcing them on our LinkedIn profile.

By entering, you’re agreeing to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change or modify them at any time. You’re also agreeing to LinkedIn’s terms, which you can find at: https://www.linkedin.com/legal/user-agreement.

LinkedIn is not associated with this contest in any way, and it does not run, sponsor or endorse it. By participating, you agree that LinkedIn has no responsibility for this contest, nor does it have any liability resulting from it.

Contact information:

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10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska
Telefon:+385 1 54 96 009
Fax:+385 1 54 96 049
Email: info.hr@clickattack.com